Chime offers an interest-free cash advance (on your paychecks) service called SpotMe that allows you to "overdraft" up to $100 or more. The best part is that the sign up process is really quick and easy.

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What is Chime exactly? It a free checking account with lots of goodies. There are no overdraft fees at all (in a matter of fact, you actually don’t have any fees whatsoever!).


With Earnin, you can borrow up to $500 with Earnin ($100 per day for new customers). Earnin is  free: tipping is optional, so you can get your paycheck advance without paying anything at all.

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Why do we like Earnin? With Earnin you can easily avoid overdraft charges and expensive payday loan fees. The fact that Earnin is available for both iOS and Android is also great, Earnin is a very convenient way to get a portion of your paycheck early.