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Are you looking for apps like GoChange to avoid your next overdraft? You might want to switch your overdraft protection solution because in June 2018, GoChange announced that they are not interested to directly market to customers. These are the apps you should use instead:

MoneyLion App

If you are here because you like GoChange’s cash advances, MoneyLion is a great alternative for you. After signing up to MoneyLion Plus, which is free if you log in everyday, you will be able to get $500 cash advances at a 6% APR (which is extremely low).

MoneyLion is also a great personal CFO, helping you monitoring your checking account for weird activities and increasing your credit score. Check it out for iOS or Android.

PockBox.com App

PockBox.com is a straightforward solution that will provide you cash advances of $100 – $2,500 the next business day. It’s not a personal CFO type of solution like GoChange used to be, but if it is just cash that you are looking for, PockBox will make it happen.The process is online and should not more than a few minutes. While GoChange used to require to connect your bank account in order to analyse your transactions history and can send you notifications when you are about to overdraft, PockBox will just sends you cash when you decide you need it. Just make sure the understand what the APR is, etc… Find out more on PockBox now.

Earnin App

Earnin (formerly known as Activehours) is a paycheck advance application. It allows you to get paid before payday. That’s how it works: after signing up and proving that you are employed, you will be able to request the money for the hours you already worked for that month by uploading your work timesheet. Earnin will send you cash to your checking account for these hours you worked for. These cash advances are made for free- they just ask for a tip.

Definitely an application that we love! Get started with Earnin here.

Dave App

Dave is an application (available on iOS and Android only) that will advance you some cash (up to $75) until your next paycheck. After downloading the app and connecting your bank account to their platform, the approval process starts. It may take a few hours, it may take a few days. Dave might even ask you to upload your paystub. If you are approved, you will be able to ask for interest-free cash advances. Just be aware of the $1/month fee and the transaction fees they might charge you. Dave will also ask for a tip as they claim to not make money from the monthly fee and transaction fees.

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FasterFunds App

FasterFunds offers $500-$3,000 cash advances through their online aggregator. The process is fast and straightforward: you will get approved in less than 5 minutes. After filling out their forms with basic information, it will tell you which lender is the best for you based on the amount you need and other criteria.

We recommend you to read all the terms and conditions of the lender you get money from – so no surprises with interest rates, etc. This is their website.

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