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Many people now prefer to access and manage their bank account on-the-go via their smartphone, rather than using a browser-based application. There are several contenders for the best online banking app. Below you’ll find four of the most highly rated mobile banking apps currently available on Google Play and the App Store.

Chase Mobile® app

With the Chase Mobile® app, you can monitor and manage your accounts, pay bills, transfer money, deposit checks and more, all at the convenience of your smartphone. If you’ve borrowed cash from a pal, it’s easy to pay them back with Chase QuickPay® with Zelle®.

What customers say about the Chase Mobile® app

Overall, this appears to be a great mobile banking app according to ratings from existing customers with 4.6 / 5 at Google Play and 4.8 / 5 over at the App Store. A recent update lets the latest scores down though, with some users experiencing glitches such as trouble logging in and with depositing checks. Others complained about too many notifications.

However, one recent reviewer said she loved the changes that have been made to the app, such as how she can view her balance without logging in each time. She also liked the credit monitoring feature which alerted her to the fact that her email address was compromised.

Another user said that after comparing Chase with two other mobile apps from other financial institutions, Chase was the winner for him and the other two didn’t come close. He said it’s easy to monitor accounts, make transfers and that the app is highly intuitive to use.

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Capital One Mobile® app

The Capital One Mobile® app was ranked the highest for customer satisfaction according to a 2017 study by J.D. Power. The app allows you to manage your bank accounts, credit cards and loans from your Android or iOS device. You can check balances, view transaction details, set up notifications and check your credit score for free with CreditWise®.

With the Capital One Mobile® Instant Purchase Notifications feature, you can stay in control of your credit card purchases by monitoring them in real time.

What customers say about the Capital One Mobile® app

The app scores 4.6 / 5 on both Google Play and the App Store. In general, most users seem to like the app, saying that it’s easy to use, fast and intuitive.

A recent reviewer said the app is by far the best of its kind, describing it as fast, stylish and functional. The only downside in his opinion is because of an annoying login timeout message that shows up even when you use the app after days of inactivity.

Over at the App Store, another user sang Capital One’s praises, saying that they had really delivered with this app. According to this person, the app is very well designed, making it easy to switch between credit cards and find statements and interest rates on purchases and cash advances. The app also allows you to have multiple profiles to sign in to different accounts.

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Bank of America® Mobile Banking app

Bank of America’s online banking app allows you to review activity in your checking, savings and credit card accounts, as well as view mortgage, auto loan and other account balances. You can activate or replace credit/debit cards, deposit checks and pay bills. The app supports transferring money between accounts and externally using Zelle®.

What customers say about the Bank of America® Mobile Banking app

The Bank of America® Mobile Banking app has received over 345K reviews to date on Google Play and scores 4.4 / 5 overall. In the App Store, it scores 4.7 / 5 having received over 111K ratings.

What’s clear from the reviews is how responsive Bank of America seems to be when resolving technical problems with the app. One user gave the app a 5 / 5 review, saying she was “super happy” after receiving help quickly to fix an issue with notifications.

Another customer said her favorite part of the app is the budget wheel and how it helps her avoid a lot of unnecessary purchases. Over at the App Store, a user said they’d had lots of success with the app. There were only two things they would change, namely the monthly mobile deposit limit and the ability to list recent payment information under each payee.

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TD Bank app

The TD Bank app offers live customer service 24/7 as well as the usual account management features such as sending and receiving money, depositing checks and bill payments. It also has a TD Bank locator tool to help you find your nearest branch or ATM in the U.S. and Canada.

What customers say about the TD Bank app

The TD Bank mobile app scores 4.2 / 5 on Google Play and 4.7 / 5 over at the App Store. The most recent reviews are mixed with several customers reporting glitches. With that said, the app is still up there regarding its features.

On Google Play, a new customer rated the app after three months of use. He said he felt “super secure” at TD Bank thanks to the way that the app uses voice identification instead of just security questions and a pin. Another reviewer said the app does everything you’d expect flawlessly while giving credit to the app’s simplicity with its easy interface and no ads.

Over at the App Store, another happy customer said they use the app regularly and that it had always worked perfectly. This person acknowledged the recent update and consequent glitches but felt confident that TD Bank will get them all worked out.

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A high-quality mobile banking app can make a real difference to your overall banking experience. The very best online banking apps will not only allow you to manage your accounts in the same way that you’d be able to at a physical branch (all at the touch of a few buttons), but they should also be extremely reliable. What’s your experience of mobile banking? Let us know using the comments section below.

*The information above is correct at the time of publishing.

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