If you’re anything like us, you’ll be using your phone for a multitude of daily tasks including banking. It just follows that your phone is an excellent way to invest and keep track of investments too. When looking for the best stock app Android users should simply read this article to see which apps are great for investing, and which are great for keeping an eye on your investments.

Investment apps

First, let’s look at the apps that are great for investing in stocks just by using your Android phone. There are plenty of options and it just depends on how you want to invest – do you want your app to help you save, or do you already have a monthly savings habit? Either way, these are some of the best Android investment apps:


Struggling to put money into an investment fund? Acorns could be the investment app for you. The app automatically saves small amounts at a time by rounding up your credit card transactions to the nearest dollar. Your savings are invested in an ETF (exchange-traded fund) which is comprised of a balanced mix of stocks. Android users give Acorns 4.3 / 5, enjoying the easy way in which Acorns saves plenty of dollars in an almost unnoticed way.


Just like Acorns, Stash is great for people who struggle to save big amounts. With Stash, you can save starting with just $5, an amount most people can manage to put away. Your savings are invested in your choice of a selection of stocks and ETFs. Stash helps you choose where to invest based on your personal investment goals. Stash scores a solid 4.2 / 5 on Google Play.


If you are already in the habit of saving you should consider Betterment. Betterment offers improved investment flexibility with an investment platform that is more sophisticated than that of Acorns. Betterment is also a robo-advisor, in other words, it looks at your circumstances and automatically invests money on your behalf. Betterment gets 4.4 / 5 on Google Play, users like the intuitive interface and the overall ease of investing with Betterment.

Fidelity Investments

Prefer being in close control of your investment decisions? If you know which individual stocks you want to invest in and want the flexibility to trade individual stocks as and when you wish, an app from a broker such as Fidelity Investments is a good option. The Fidelity Investments app lets you research, buy and sell stocks all using your phone. Users score it 4.4 / 5 on Google Play, praising the clean interface and responsiveness of the app.


This smoothly designed app lets you quickly and easily monitor individual socks, indices, and foreign exchange. But it also offers the ability to invest via a Webull account. The Webull app features a widget which you can place on your Android home screen, instantly updating you on the latest market movements. It even syncs with your Google Finance account. Webull gets a solid 4.3 / 5 on Google Play from a total of over 35,000 individual reviewers.

Stock apps

If you’re just starting to research stocks, already have a portfolio with a broker or are simply keen to keep tabs on your favorite companies, you just need a solid app to monitor the performance of a company’s shares. Check out one of these stock monitoring apps for Android:


One of the more popular investment websites, investing.com also offers a solid app which just like Webull offers you the option to track a wide range of financial instruments. In fact, the app claims to track over 100,000 financial instruments. You can set a personal watch list and keep track of the latest news too. The app is more highly rated than Webull, scoring 4.6 / 5 from Android users, with reviews noting that it provides easy access to real-time data and is generally glitch free.


Anyone who takes stock trading seriously will have heard of Bloomberg, the preeminent financial data provider. Luckily you don’t need an expensive Bloomberg terminal to get access to much of the good stuff Bloomberg has to offer. Instead, just download the Bloomberg: Market & Financial News app for Android, which scores 4.2 / 5 from users on Google Play. You get the usual range of pricing options plus access to Bloomberg’s in-depth news and analysis.

JStock Android

Looking for a no-frills stock tracking app? Consider the free version of JStock which covers 27 stock markets – including all the stocks listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ and more. The app offers charts and stock alerts, with the option to pay for an upgrade that scrubs advertising and adds more advanced charting services. Android users like JStock, giving it 4.6 / 5 on Google Play. Reviewers liked the simplicity of JStock and also highly praised some features, including the ability to see a history of sold assets and realized values.

The best stock app for you

Android users who already invest with a financial institution should look for that institution’s app, like the Fidelity Investments app for example. If you’re new to investing consider how much you can save, whether you can save systematically and whether you want to be actively involved in picking stocks. On the other hand, any of the free stock monitoring apps will do if you’re just curious about the world of finance, or want to learn the ropes before starting to invest.