Competent stock market investors can see big payoffs, but beginners often struggle to make a profit. What can first-time stock traders do to stand a chance of trading success? Education is a necessity but access to the right tools can make all the difference too. That’s why we compiled this article to help you find the best stock app for beginners.

Best stock tracking app

Stock trading is not about setting and forgetting. Instead, be prepared to constantly monitor your investments. Most stock traders are invested in a lot of different stocks so an efficient and easy to use way of tracking stocks is essential. Check out these apps:

Real-Time’s Stocks Tracker

Available for both Android and iOS, the Real-Time stock tracking app from Dajax LLC includes comprehensive stock tracking that includes live streaming quotes. You get push notifications and portfolio monitoring too plus an events and earnings calendar. This free app offers extensive charting facilities and users can create an unlimited number of portfolios.

Real-Time’s app gets good reviews on both app stores. On Google Play the app gets 4.1 / 5 which is rather good for a free Android app. Users recommend the app for traders who need to constantly check their investments, though one user thought the real-time updates were not, in fact, strictly real-time. iOS users are also pleased with Real-Time’s Stocks Tracker, awarding it 4.5 / 5 over an average of 42,000 reviews. Reviews suggest that users really like how the app keeps them up to date while on the move.

Stocks Live

Only available for iOS, Stocks Live offers a couple of features you won’t find with the Real-Time app, but unlike Real-Time’s app, Stocks Live is not free. Extra features include graphical displays of stocks, heat maps plus a unique dividend predictor. The app syncs with all the major brokers so that you can automatically import your portfolio.

With an average of 4.6 / 5 the app is clearly well-liked, though note that this is from a total of just over 300 reviewers which is not a broad number. One user liked the fact that Stocks Live conveniently consolidates a lot of stock information in one place. However, another user noted that some of the best features are only available if you pay for in-app purchases.

Best stock analysis app

Even beginner stock investors should do in-depth stock research before they buy a stock. Some apps are great at offering in-depth stock analysis, including extensive charting tools. Here is a good example each for Android and iOS users:

Stock Master: realtime stocks

Want more advanced features from your stock tracker? Try the Stock Master app, available for iOS only. In addition to the usual pricing info you also get access to market and business news, stock futures data plus very advanced charting features. The app even offers interactive technical analysis including on-screen trendlines and Fibonacci retracement. However, some of the app’s best features require an in-app purchase.

Despite charging for some features the Stock Master app gets solid ratings from iOS users with an average of 4.6 / 5 over 28,500 ratings. One user really liked the advanced stock analysis features including historical chart playbacks and backtesting. Another user said the premium features are worth the price for investors that trade daily.

JStock for Android

Just like Stock Master, JStock offers Android users in-depth analysis of US stocks. You get comprehensive coverage of financial ratios such as PE and EPS plus news and analysis including coverage of insider transactions. The app features technical analysis too with simple and exponential moving averages. You can also activate push notifications that display the latest news before the opening bell. The app integrates with the free, open-source JStock Desktop.

It’s a popular app over at Google Play, scoring 4.6 / 5 with ease of use a common theme amongst the reviewers. Others like the fact that it integrates seamlessly with JStock Desktop. The app displays ads but according to users, these are not intrusive. However, some users reported issues with the stock prices on display, noting inaccuracies.

Best investment sites for beginners

Apps can provide excellent news and analysis, but beginners benefit from more guidance. If you’re new to stock investment you should focus on getting the basics right. We think the following investment sites provide a great mix of up-to-date stock information alongside how-to articles that can help you boost your stock trading strategies.


Looking for a stock trading education? Well, Investopedia puts investment education front and center. It’s your go-to site for looking up stock trading terminology. Investopedia also features bags of step-by-step articles including an entire Investing 101 section plus a “basics” tutorial range covering stocks, options, and economics in general. There’s plenty to read once you are past stock trading basics, including in-depth coverage of ETFs, fixed income instruments and commodities.

Motley Fool

The Motley Fool doesn’t zoom in to stock trading basics the way Investopedia does, but it does offer comprehensive coverage of the latest stock market news. Furthermore, the Motley Fool makes a solid effort of suggesting stock market picks that will help you outperform the market. The site offers a broad range of personal financial advice too. Prefer listening to stock advice? Try the Motley Fool podcasts.

The Street

Feel you have the know-how to start investing in the stock market on a serious level? Think day trading may be for you? Take the next step with The Street, a website dedicated to bringing you the latest news on companies and industries, just as it happens. Not entirely for beginners, The Street is nonetheless a good place to start for traders who want to take their stock trading experience to the next level.

Yahoo Finance

Apps provide plenty of live charting and stock analysis, but the Yahoo Finance website takes it one step further. For full-on news and charting, there is no other free resource that provides as much data as Yahoo Finance. Even beginner traders benefit from keeping close tabs on the market, watching it’s every move. Yahoo Finance provides solid stock screening features too, an excellent way to narrow down potential stocks for investment.