Digit helps you save money automatically by scanning your checking account and putting small amounts of money into a “Rainy Day” account.You will receive 1% annual interest (paid out every 3 months) on all the money in your new account. Digit costs $3/ month. While Digit doesn’t tackle overdraft issues directly, it helps you save enough money to avoid them in the first place. If you have trouble saving, we think Digit is a great solution for you!

  • Financial Planner App
  • No cash advance
  • Available to anyone with the app installed

Editor's Score: 3.5/5

How It Works

Like many applications in the overdraft app space, you will need to connect your checking account to Digit using your banking credentials. Once connected (an easy process), Digit’s algorithm will monitor and scan your account every few days; it will then decide how much money to safely transfer to your new savings account. Don’t worry about the app losing your money because your money is FDIC insured!

Digit usually “saves” between $5 and $50 a month. While some of the process can be controlled through Messenger-style chatbot, many users complain about the lack of transparency behind their calculation, the data they have access to and the control they have over your money.

Regardless, you can request your money (any amount) and it will be deposited into your account within 24 hours.


Subscription fee of $3/month

Score: 3/5

Digit costs $3 per month (after 100 free days of trial). Though it isn’t free, you receive 1% on all money saved, so depending on how much you save Digit might pay for itself.


Not directly tackling the overdraft problem

Score: 2.5/5

Digit is an automatic saving app. By putting money aside in a separate account, you prepare for rainy days: unexpected expenses (which could trigger overdraft or NSF fees), pay cuts, medical emergency etc.


We really like the Digit app, but we urge those of you thinking about signing up to do a basic calculation before making a commitment. Digit costs $3/ month, or $36/ per year.  At 1% interest on all money saved you will need to save $3600 dollars annually for the app to pay for itself. If you think you will save $3600, or if you have trouble saving money on your own, Digit is a great app for you. In a pinch, the savings they put away for you can help you avoid overdraft fees, or other financial crisis. However, if it is a cash advance that you are looking for, we should consider the Even app, apps like Dave or apps like LendUp.