With millions of Americans applying for mortgages every year there’s an obvious need for mortgage apps that make it easy to calculate what you can afford to borrow, and apps that let you apply using your mobile device. You can even get help with managing your mortgage on your mobile device.

In this article, we check out some of the mortgage calculator apps that you can use to help you manage the process of qualifying for a mortgage, including which apps offer the best ways to calculate affordability. We also explain how you can apply for a mortgage using your phone, and track your mortgage using a mobile app.

Free mortgage app

You can get a free mortgage app for all sorts of different purposes, depending on which stage of the mortgage process you are at. There are online mortgage apps hosted on free websites and on the websites of lenders. You’ll also find plenty of apps for your Android or iOS device. You can even create your own mortgage app if you have access to something like Microsoft Excel.

Free mortgage apps serve many purposes. First, you can use a free mortgage calculator app to help you figure out how much you can afford to borrow. U.S. Bank for example has a great selection of calculators on its website which offers you different ways of exploring this question. Knowing how much you can borrow is important because you should never overcommit: only borrow as much as you can repay comfortably.

Next, you can actually apply for a mortgage using an app on your phone. Finally, you can get a free mortgage app to help you manage your mortgage as you repay it. These apps from mortgage providers are easy to use and are great for tracking your repayment progress.

Mortgage calculator app

Let’s look at mortgage calculator apps. Want to know how much a repayment on a mortgage will be? Here are a couple of solid free calculators which will help you make the sums.

Investopedia calculator

An independent website is always a good place to start, and the Investopedia mortgage calculator is a simple introduction to calculating your mortgage repayments. All the essential elements are on this page, including the total home price and the down payment.

Next, you specify the term of your mortgage and your expected interest rate. Simply tap calculate to get your repayment. For example, a $350,000 home with a 20% down payment repaid over 30 years at a 3.5% interest rate will cost you $1,257.33 per month.

Citi mortgage repayment calculator

One of America’s biggest banks, Citi approves a lot of mortgages. Citi has a straight-forward calculator too, but with a twist: you can see how you repay your loan over time thanks to a table and graphs.

Using the same mortgage as in the previous example you’ll see that your first payment in the tenth year of the mortgage will have a $603.54 principal allocation, and a $653.79 interest allocation, for a total of $1,257.33. This is worth knowing because it gives you an idea at which point in time you are starting to really pay off the loan, instead of just servicing interest.

Allstate extra payment calculator

Paying your mortgage off quicker than you are strictly required to can save you a lot in interest over the long term. Have a look at this Allstate calculator for example. Again, using our previous illustration, simply paying off another $100 every month on your loan will save you a total of $23,648 in interest over the life of the loan.

Pay $200 extra every month and you save $41,391 in interest over the life of the loan. Clearly, if you can afford to pay a little more on your loan you stand to save a lot in interest charges.

Mortgage lender app

Many lenders provide great iOS and Android apps. These apps can serve several purposes. You can get comparative home loan quotes via an app like Zillow, available for Apple iOS devices. You can also manage an existing mortgage, as with the Mr. Cooper app by Nationstar Mortgage, available at Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

Applications can be made much easier if you already bank with the mortgage provider as it can often mean all the information is already filled out, reducing the amount of time you spend completing your mortgage application form and reducing the chance for inaccuracies.

It’s not just mortgage lenders that offer good mobile apps. You can get mortgage calculators for your phone while there are plenty of apps that help you track your mortgage payments over time. Either way, mortgage apps on your phone is a convenient way to apply for and to manage your mortgage. It is worth having a quick look at Google Play and the Apple App Store to see what’s on offer.