Many people are “fed up” with banks and their frequent unwillingness to work with individuals. What they may not know is that they can open checking accounts online instantly with many known banks directly from their websites or with online banks (that is, banks with no physical branches). Online banking is becoming one of the most popular ways to manage money today (we are in 2018 after all). Banks, in the past, may have allowed you to keep a checking account only if you submit to a minimum balance fee and monthly service charge. However, today, many banks (whether they exist only online or not) are more flexible; you can find bank accounts with no minimum balance requirement and no monthly fee. Open a checking account online instantly and avoid the hassle of a brick-and-mortar bank.

Open a Bank Account Online With No Money

The traditional banking system usually requires a minimum opening balance. This is in the range of $25 to $300, depending on the bank account you’re getting. They often charge you if your balance drops below the minimum, which of course reduces your balance even further. A frequent problem with this type of account is that the customer loses a large part of his or her income every month to fees and penalties.

When you open a bank account online with no money, there is no restriction like this. You can open an account and have it ready to receive automatic deposits from your new job or for deposits from other sources of income. Look for an account that does not charge you a monthly maintenance fee. You’ll also want one that allows you to use the ATM for free. In some cases, you may actually find a bank that will even pay you a small amount of interest on your account balance.

Capital One 360 checking

Capital one offers a fee-free checking account that allows both online and mobile access, with $0 balance requirement. They offer .20% interest on balances under $50,000.


It is another online bank that will off you up to 5% cash back on gas and grocery purchases during the first year. As you improve your financial situation, you can take advantage of their investment solutions and auto loans.

Free Online Checking Account No Opening Deposit

With most online checking accounts, it only takes a few minutes to complete your application. This makes it much easier to do business on your mobile device. Bank of America, Chime, and Independent Bank all provide checking accounts with no opening deposit. That opening deposit can be a real problem for someone who is just starting out or who has had financial setbacks in the past. The objective here is to get an account so you have someplace to put your money while it builds up. In a checking account, you can have automatic deposits without fees, free access to ATMs, and still be able to have an account without a minimum balance. This gives you the chance to have a stable checking account that doesn’t magically shrink because of penalties and fees. You don’t have to overcome your past to continue with your future.

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Online Checking Account No Chexsystems

Chexsystems is a credit reporting agency that keeps track of your banking problems. If your account goes into overdraft or has insufficient funds, the bank usually reports it to Chexsystems. When you try to switch banks, the new bank will pull up your record with Chexsystems to see if you have a good reputation with banks.

There are some online banks that do not use Chexsystems. Fresh Start, Chime Banking, BVAA Compass, and several others are excellent online banks that will give you a checking account without checking with Chexsystems.

Beware of businesses that offer a prepaid card account. This is not a real checking account and will not offer the same services that you get with regular banking services.

BVAA Compass

It has its ClearChoice and ClearConnect free checking accounts which offer second chance banking. These, along with other reputable banks, provide secure checking with various perks.

Capital One 360

Capital one will look at Chexsystems, but if you have improved your credit, they will give you a checking account. There is no minimum balance requirement, no fees, and .2% interest on your balance.

Suntrust Bank

Suntrust says it does not use Chexsystems. If you have a history of bank fraud, though, you may find that Suntrust gets the information. They do offer an Essential Checking Account. This account will have a $7 fee assessed every month, but if you have 10 transactions each month, the fee is waived. Another way to avoid the $7 fee is to maintain a minimum daily balance of $500 or have at least $500 in direct deposits every month.

Carefully check the fine print with online banks – or with any bank, for that matter. You will find that some of them will still try to slip a fee in here or there, while others are focused on customer service. You can open checking account online instantly, but read the fine print.