2018 has had its ups and down and for many people managing their money has been tricky. Improving on money matters is often a new year’s goal, most of us plan on managing our money better in 2019. Nonetheless sometimes a sudden borrowing need will come up. Read our review of the best borrowing apps just in case you need a payday app in 2019.

Best and safest payday apps

Payday apps don’t always have the best reputation, in part due to bad customer service and in part due to the high fees. Not every payday app offers a good deal, and some apps are simply not safe to use. We’ve looked closely at the most popular apps on the market and we think the following six apps should be at the top of your list if you need money between your paychecks.


Need a loan over $500? PockBox can help you out with as much as $2,500 by connecting you to a range of online lenders which can offer you a loan even if you have less than perfect credit. PockBox is only available via its website, you can’t download an app for iOS or Android.

Nonetheless if you can put up with a website we think PockBox is a good option for larger short-term loans. There are no public user reviews for PockBox as it is only available via the website.


Over here at Overdraft Apps we’ve covered MoneyLion in depth, and for good reason: it is one of the easiest ways to avoid overdraft fees. MoneyLion Plus members can borrow up to $500 at a rate of 5.99% APR, without completing a credit check first. Membership is $29/month but can be free if you log into the app once a day. Do that and MoneyLion Plus offers a cheap way to get small loans at low rates.

Over on the Apple App Store users give MoneyLion 4.6 / 5, with one user particularly impressed with how easy it was to get a 5.99% APR loan without a credit check. However, another user was frustrated with the cancellation process. Android users give MoneyLion 4.2 / 5, with users saying the app is great both for loans and for putting money away.


Waiting for your paycheck can be tough, especially when you have unexpected expenses in a month. Earnin helps you tap into money you have already earned by giving you an advance on your paycheck. Advances range from $100 up to a maximum of $500. You don’t pay any fees for advances, though you can tip Earnin when you get an advance. You need to be paid by direct deposit to be able to use Earnin.

On Google Play users give Earnin 4.5 / 5, saying that they like the fact that Earnin helps them avoid overdraft fees. Plenty of users indicate that they are happy to leave a tip in return for Earnin’s good service, but some users found Earnin customer service unresponsive. Back at the Apple App Store users give Earnin a rather solid 4.7 / 5, with one reviewer particularly keen on the flexibility that the app gives them when they need to bridge a paycheck.


Urgent cash needs aren’t always big cash needs. Sometimes you need just a small amount of dollars to get you through the month. Dave is a great choice if you want to borrow just a little bit, the app has a maximum loan size of $75. That is not a big amount but you only pay $1/month to access Dave loans, and you won’t pay any interest.

With 4.7 / 5 from iOS users Dave is rather popular, with one reviewer saying Dave provided quick and easy help when they were suddenly short of funds due to a check clearing prematurely. Another user got out of a parking lot pinch by getting Dave to front unexpectedly high parking rates. Android users score Dave an equally high 4.6 / 5, however some users complain about app bugs and difficulties passing the verification process.

ACE Cash Loans

Another provider that is useful for larger cash loans is ACE. How much you can borrow depends on the state you live in, Ohio residents can borrow up to $1,250 for example. Rates will be stiff because ACE Cash Loans are a payday lender, and some users appear reasonably happy while others have concerns.

There are no iOS apps for ACE Cash Loans. You can use either the company’s website or download an app for an Android device. On Google Play ACE Cash Loans gets 3.3 / 5, with mixed reviews indicating that though the app is easy to use some users were left frustrated. Currently it appears the app is stuck in an update cycle, with users unable to update it even though they are prompted that an update is ready. Use the website if you get stuck.


A bit like Dave and Earnin, PayActive allows you to get an advance on your paycheck. There is a snag with PayActive, you can only use PayActive if your employer has signed up with the company. That said, if your employer is working with PayActive it could be a great way to get a paycheck advance.

The company makes both an iOS and Android app and judging by the number of reviews PayActive is slowly becoming more widespread but it’s not yet widely adopted. Thanks to 584 reviews PayActiv scores 4.5 / 5 on Google Play, with reviewers saying the app helps bridge pay days. On iOS the app scores 4.7 / 5 from 238 reviewers, users like how PayActive can help them out of a tight spot.

Picking a payday app

In this article we outlined some of the better payday options for 2019, but exactly which app will suit you the best depends on your personal borrowing circumstances. Some apps only provide smaller loans, so you are restricted in choice if you want to borrow a four-figure sum.

Other apps only work if you are paid straight into you bank account, or (like PayActive) if your employer is signed up with the service. So, though we’ve done some research for you, you will need to take a closer look at each app before you decide which payday app to use.