Giving your kid a debit card is one of the easiest ways to hand out pocket money. Debit cards can also help teach your kids the basics of personal financial management. Besides, with their parents increasingly paying for small purchases by cards, kids might well demand a payment card of their own. You’ve got plenty of options, read on to find out more about the best prepaid debit cards for kids.

Free debit card for kids

Issuing a debit card is not free, card providers pay stiff costs around admin and infrastructure and need to generate a profit. That’s why all the prepaid cards in this article come with a small monthly account charge.

You do have the option of opening a joint checking or savings account with your child and some of these accounts charge no monthly fees. Yet many parents don’t like the idea of managing a bank account for their child and formal bank accounts can lead to unexpected fees and charges or require account minimums.

Instead, a prepaid debit card is a simple product without the risk of high charges for going overdrawn, for example. Some prepaid debit cards for kids come with top-notch apps too that gives parents close control of their child’s spending. Let’s take a look at some of the top examples.

gohenry debit card

Looking for a fully-featured, customizable card for your child? Gohenry is a prepaid debit card that’s designed to be appropriate for kids as young as six years old. It’s feature-rich, giving parents the option to limit spending to specific stores or to restrict ATM use, for example. You can even set up “tasks” that your child can do to earn more money.

Gohenry charges $3.99/month per card which makes it more expensive than some other prepaid debit cards, should you have more than one child that needs a card. However, it makes up for the extra charge by letting parents customize cards. Instead of ordering a gohenry card you could order a gosusan or gojonathan card, for example.

Users are highly reliant on the gohenry app for functionality and thankfully it looks like it’s a good app. Reviewers with Apple devices give gohenry a solid 4.5 / 5 while Android users are positive too, with an average score of 4.6 / 5. Users like the extensive features on offer while liking the ease of use too. A few complaints about activation and in-app glitches surfaced.

Greenlight debit card

Just like gohenry, Greenlight is also a prepaid debit card made just for kids but with the benefit of allowing multiple cards for the single monthly fee of $4.99/month. Parents with several young children in need of payment cards will find Greenlight a better deal compared to gohenry.  The features of the Greenlight debit card are broadly similar to gohenry too.

You can customize the Greenlight card, but it’s with your child’s photo, not their name. You can set up spending control specific to types of stores and brands, but Greenlight does not offer the option for kids to earn pocket money in the app like gohenry. However, you can add savings goals to your kid’s Greenlight card and choose to add interest to savings, though interest will come out of your pocket.

Users of the Greenlight app like what’s on offer, with the iOS edition of the app scoring a particularly high 4.8 / 5. iOS users are very positive about the Greenlight customer service, with Greenlight clearly being responsive to feature requests. Android users give Greenlight a decent 4.4 / 5, suggesting that it’s a really convenient way to hand out allowances.

Famzoo prepaid debit card

Have a couple of kids you want to give debit cards to and want to pay as little as possible? FamZoo is your best choice. Though the standard per-family monthly fee for FamZoo is $5.99, you can pay as little as $3.33/month by opting for the $39.99 annual fee. In return, you get all the essential features just like gohenry and Greenlight, but the FamZoo app is not quite as feature rich with many features only available on the FamZoo website.

FamZoo doesn’t charge you for using the card inside the United States and there is no charge for topping up via a select number of top-up methods. You get full insight into your kids spending too and also have the option to set up an interest-earning savings option for your kid, though note that just as with Greenlight the interest comes out of your pocket.

Even though the FamZoo app is a little restricted it does get positive reviews, scoring 4.6 / 5 on the Apple App Store while Android users award FamZoo 4.4 / 5 on the Google Play store. Users are generally full of praise, suggesting that FamZoo is simple and easy to use while helping kids learn basic personal finance skills.