Dealing with expenses can be a real hassle, and there’s nothing worse than losing a receipt and forfeiting the claim for a valid business expensive. There’s an easy answer – stop trying to manage expenses on your own. A receipt app can take care of your expense management in a jiff. Check out these apps for inspiration.

Smart receipts app

Fed up with claiming your expenses? A smart receipts app can do all the work for you. The better apps can take a scanned receipt and automatically file it under the right expense category, validating it against internal business rules and putting in the claim for you. Top apps also automatically scan your inbox for receipts that you don’t get in printed form – like Uber. Some of the best options include:


One of the better known receipt apps and endorsed by the CPA. The app is highly intelligent and can automatically detect which expense submissions need manual review and which can be automatically approved. The simple stuff is not neglected – Expensify offers easy, one-tap receipt submission and expenses clearance.

Expensify has been around a long time. There are bags of iOS user ratings with an average score of 4.7 / 5 across over 31,000 reviews. Users like that Expensify is seamless to use, from submitting receipts through to claiming expenses. However, there are some concerns about automatic recognition which can now take up to a day.

Android Expensify users are pretty happy too, with an average of 4.1 / 5 over more than 10,000 reviews. Users again praise the app’s overall effectiveness, but Android users are more likely to complain about app glitches while the problems with automatic recognition experienced by iOS users also crop up.


Looking for a sophisticated receipts apps that integrates deeply with Outlook and Gmail? Check out Fyle which lets you automatically tag expenses straight from your inbox. The app uses AI to analyze whether your expense filings fit into a set of corporate rules, flagging any issues straight away. You get all the usual receipt app functionality with Fyle, including the ability to scan receipts in any currency.

What do users think? Fyle has only 7 ratings from iOS users, but the overall score is 4.9 / 5 which is pretty good. 112 users rated Fyle on Google Play, with an almost equally positive 4.7 / 5 as an average. There is plenty of praise for Fyle’s simplicity and users also like that the app is not restricted to mobile phones, with Gmail integration particularly popular.


We also think Shoeboxed is worth a look, purely because it also packs a solid mix of receipt app features that’s hard to ignore. It offers receipt OCR too so you can easily snap and submit receipts, with human verification where needed. There is an almost endless number of additional features including mileage tracking via Google Places.

If you use an Apple phone you will like Shoeboxed, at least according to the average user review of 4.5 / 5. People think Shoeboxed offers a usable, convenient app compared to other receipt apps and appreciate the fact that support is available by phone. However, Android users appear frustrated in yet another case of the Android version of an app getting neglected. Shoeboxed gets 2.8 / 5 from Android users.

These apps are all great all-round options for tracking expenses, ensuring no receipts get lost and that all your expenses are filed just right. But what if you need an app that integrates with your existing business systems?

Receipt app for business

Businesses use a variety of software packages to manage their finances. Many of these platforms include expense tracking and indeed expense tracking apps for both iOS and Android devices. Here are a couple of examples:

Zoho Expense

Small businesses love Zoho products, they’re affordable and easy to adopt. There are plenty of products in the Zoho stable, with Zoho Expense aimed at making receipt management easier. The app lets you scan receipts, report mileage and get your expenses approved all in one central place.

Android users like Zoho Expense, rating it 4.4 / 5 saying that even the free app is pretty decent. One reviewer liked that Zoho Expense seems to cope just fine with international business expenses. iOS users are less happy, rating Zoho Expense 3.4 / 5, but this is from just 74 reviewers.

SAP Concur

A lot of medium-sized and large businesses use SAP products for their financial functions. The developers at SAP clearly saw the need for an expense management app and Concur offers the essential features including capturing receipts with your phone’s camera plus quick review and approval of expenses. Note that the SAP Concur app is only available to existing SAP customers.

That said, SAP Concur is widely adopted with over 500,000 ratings on the App Store, iOS users give Concur an average 4.7 / 5 saying that it makes business travel so much easier thanks to a straight-forward and reliable app. Android users give SAP Concur 4.4 / 5 but there are a number of recent reviews complaining about the receipt scanning feature which may indicate problems with the last update.