Interactive data

How does it work?

You can click on any bar and you will see how it plays.

Page 1 will show you the results in terms of concrete numbers.

For example: 522 “Own” a house. When you click on the “Own” bar,  you will see that 149 out of 357 people who make between $25,000 and $50,000 own a house.

Page 2 will show you the results by making them relatives to each other.

For example: If you click on the bar “I have never taken a payday loan” (third row, last column), all the other data display the results through that segmentation. In this case, if you look at rent/own, you will see that 82.95% of owner “never took a payday loan” vs. 66.74% of renters. From this, we can infer that the likelihood of having taken a payday loan is 16 points superior if you don’t own your house.