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Working out how much each person should pay for a night at the restaurant is always a hassle, never mind splitting the costs when traveling. A split app can make divvying up bills way easier. We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular split apps. Read on to see how a split app can make your life much easier next time you’re out with friends.

Split expenses app

There are plenty of scenarios where splitting expenses can be a hassle. What makes a good all-purpose expense splitting app, and how do you make the payments once you’ve worked out how much everyone owes? Let’s take a look.


For figuring out who owes what Splitwise should be your first port of call, it’s the most established expense allocation app judging by the number of reviews. All the essential features are ticked off, including push notifications as members’ expenses are updated. You can also settle directly with PayPal, while premium features include a full expense history and OCR integration.

A top scorer with both iOS and Android users, Splitwise comes highly recommended. Android users give the app 4.6 / 5 saying that it removes the need to crunch numbers manually using a spreadsheet. iPhone users give the app 4.5 / 5, loving the simplicity and the fact that the app sends email reminders for outstanding bills.


Splitwise is great at showing you how much each party member needs to pay but sorting out the cash can be a big hassle. A simple payments app helps, and Venmo – owned by PayPal – is a top choice for transferring money between friends. Just enter the total amount and send a charge request specifying how much every person is due, Venmo will do the rest.

There’s no question that Venmo is a popular app. On the App Store,Venmo scores 4.9 / 5 across an average of 4.1M user reviews. Users really like the ease of use, but there are concerns about the social sharing aspect, with users saying they don’t like that they need to manually opt into privacy features. Android users score Venmo a rather solid 4.7 / 5, with one user saying it’s become the standard app for paying friends.

Restaurant bill splitting app

Though Splitwise is a good all-purpose option there are apps that do a better job of splitting expenses under some scenarios. Figuring out a restaurant bill is one of these. Why not try an app purpose-built for sorting out dining bills?


Sort out long restaurant bills in a jiff with Tab, available for both iOS and Android. Simply scan your restaurant receipt and Tab will automatically import all the items. Next, assign the items to the person which ordered it and add your choice of tip and any taxes. Tab kicks out the amount owed by each person. The app is free.

Android users are quite happy with Tab, scoring it 4.3 / 5 which is pretty good given the app is free, users say the app is a real time saver, making it easier to sort out group dinners. However, some users complained that it’s difficult editing the errors introduced in auto calculations. On iOS, Tab gets 4.5 / 5 with one user saying the app is near perfect but wishing that they had a way to get back to a history of calculations.

Plates by Splitwise

We cover Splitwise in another section, but the company provides a stripped-down app focusing just on splitting restaurant bills. It’s called Plate, and it’s only available for iOS. It’s a simple app: specify the number of diners and drag each diner’s items to their plate to tally up a bill. Uniquely, Plates lets you select which items to assign to diners, and which items to split evenly.

Plates get 4.3 / 5 with reviewers liking the fact that the app proportionately divides the taxes and tips. Another user liked that you could combine “plates”, useful when a couple is paying together. However over time a number of glitches come and go as the developer updates the app, and as iOS itself changes

Split travel expenses app

Travel expenses are a bit more difficult to deal with, in part because travel expenses are often denoted in foreign currency, and because group members tend to chip in and make payments at irregular intervals throughout a trip. Nonetheless, one of these apps will cover you for travel:


A top choice if you’re looking to split group expenses while traveling, Splittr is available for both iOS and Android and you don’t need to register to use it. You can manage multiple groups at the same time, and the app will suggest when it’s someone’s turn to pay a bill. The app supports different currencies too and works offline so you don’t need to worry about overseas internet connectivity.

Splittr is a popular app on iOS, scoring 4.6 / 5 as users noted the receipt-scanning feature and the fact that the app clearly reports exactly who owes what. One user complained that the latest version is a bit less user-friendly than past editions. The Splittr app for Android is still in beta, so no reviews yet, but it is worth a try.

Settle Up

Another good option for group expenses such as trips away, Settle Up has apps for iOS and Android, including multi-currency support, essential if you’re traveling abroad. It works offline like Splittr, but you can also sync to the cloud if you’re worried about losing your data. It keep a payment log and can email bill snapshots to group members, straight from the app.

On the Google Play store Settle Up gets a pretty decent 4.4 / 5 with reviewers saying the app is simple and effective, praising the sleek user interface. There were occasional complaints from users about syncing problems. iOS users gave the app 3.9 / 5, reviewers like that the app is flexible enough to be used for multiple trips and even household expenses.

Split household bills app

Finally, splitting bills when you’re sharing a home with roommates is an age-old hassle. Check out this app which will help you sort out your living expenses:


Free of charge for renters, Zently lets you split everything from your monthly rental payment through to grocery and utility bills. The app even automatically finds bills that need splitting and helps you assign a share to your roommates.

iOS users are happy with Zently, scoring it 4.7 / 5 with one user saying they like how Zently always reminds them that they need to split a bill with their roommates. Android users give Zently a thumbs up too with 4.5 / 5. One user loved how responsive Zently support is, while another user liked that Zently automates their rent and bill splitting. Nonetheless, there were a couple of reports of in-app glitches.

Clearly, you have plenty of options for splitting bills. We suggest you give some of these apps a try to see which one fits your unique bill-splitting requirements just right.

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