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Do you find money management a bit of a minefield? You’re not alone if so. Juggling income, expenses, debt, and savings can be a tedious and somewhat bewildering task. Luckily, there are plenty of apps around that can help you simplify your finances. Wally is one of them – check out our Wally app review below to learn how this app can help give you a clearer picture of your money.

Wally budget app

Wally is a personal finance app available for both iOS and Android users. Through your smartphone, you can keep track of what you’re spending and how your income compares to your expenses. The app allows you to set goals to put you firmly in control of your money.

Using Wally, you can log your daily spending and upload your receipts to the app, where it automatically adds the amount you’ve spent. You can assign expenses to different categories such as groceries, beauty, home, financial, entertainment, medical and learning and set up tags for different cost breakdowns. The app uses your location to bring up a list of nearby places that you might have spent money at, for example, a restaurant or coffee shop – a nice time-saving feature!

You can add recurring transactions such as your income, rent or other bills so that you don’t have to keep on manually adding them. It’s also possible to add a note to each item, in case you think you’ll forget why you made a particular purchase.

Insights are available to help you see where your money is going – you can track your expenses by category, place, tag or account. You can add the balances of your checking and savings account for example, and list your debts too. You can even log money that you’re holding in foreign currencies.

There’s a “Group” option within the Wally app, where you can manage and share financial accounts, and IOUs with other people. Another notable tool is the “Library” where you can include reminders for upcoming payments, birthdays or other special occasions, plus to-do lists and attachments, e.g., your receipts.

Wally fees

The basic version of Wally is free, and there are no ads. There are in-app purchases for some features, such as foreign accounts, advanced categories, currency converter, and advanced budgeting. The prices for add-ons vary but to give you an idea of what you might pay, Wally’s “Essentials” add-on is $1.99 in the App Store.

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Wally next review

We’ve checked out the app stores to see what existing users think to Wally Next. See a summary of the main points below.

Generally, many users like Wally Next and think that it’s handy for keeping a close eye on their budget. According to one reviewer, the app has everything you need for budgeting, plus a little bit more.

With that said, many reviews mention that Wally Next isn’t the most straightforward app to use, with the user interface being cluttered and hard to navigate. One reviewer said that the app has some great features, but it’s not clear where to find them, while another said that a tutorial on how to use the app would be useful. Several users claim that the app needs quite a bit of work to get it up to speed.

Overall, Wally Next scores 4.1 / 5 in the App Store and 2 / 5 on Google Play.

Wally next vs Wally

In Wally’s early days, the app was called Wally Lite and it was only available for iOS users. Another version was introduced for Android, called Wally+. It seems that Wally Next has now replaced Wally+ on Google Play, but you can still access Wally Lite, by napkin SAL (rated 4 / 5) in the App Store for iOS devices.

From the reviews we’ve seen, Wally Lite has a better user interface than Wally Next, and it looks like Wally Lite is completely free. However, users of the old app are being encouraged to upgrade to Wally Next through notifications, so we’re not sure how long Wally Lite will be around for.


As a budgeting app, Wally has some useful features, as long as you’re happy to pay for add-ons. Where Wally differentiates itself from other budgeting apps is its ability to add balances in foreign currencies for checking, savings, credit card, and online accounts, for example.

However, bear in mind that the app’s functionality may be tricky to get to grips with. To see if you like the app, you can download it and log in as a guest to test it out before you part with any cash.

If you’re wondering how Wally compares to Mint, one of the best-known free budgeting apps around, check out this article about the Mint app before you go.

*The information above is correct at the time of publishing.

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