Dave app is one of the leaders in innovative overdraft prevention solutions. To get started simply connect your bank account and upload your pay stubs to the app; once it’s done, expect to be approved within two days. After approval, the app will warn you before you overdraft and offer you up to a $75 cash advance. It is interesting to notice that in many cases, people report that Dave only approved to give them cash advances of up to $25.

Before downloading the Dave app, we recommend you check out other apps like Dave – some of them will provide you a more adequate solution.

  • Cash Advance App
  • Advance of $25, $50, $75
  • Available to anyone with the app installed

Editor's Score:  4/5

How It Works

Talking bear and all, this overdraft app is easy to use. All you need to do is download it, either on the App Store or Google Play Store, and enter your banking credentials. Dave has both immediate and long-term features. Like other overdraft apps it will warn you when you are close to overdrafting. Dave also utilizes unique predictive algorithms which monitor your accounts and analyze your transactions history to assess your risk level. The app analyzes your recurring expenses (can’t live without Netflix?), and understands your overdraft habits. In time, it can accurately predict when you will overdraft.The app’s predictive features can help you prepare for overdraft fees. They also support you financially in times of need. You can borrow up to $75 at 0% interest; once you receive your paycheck you will be asked to repay the loan.

Loan Amounts

Up to $75

Score: 3/5

Dave has three small-loan options: $25, $50 and $75. Repaying loans in the app is stress-free.  While they recommend that you pay them back upon receipt of your paycheck (they have a convenient feature that does it automatically), the loans have no expiration.


Tips and a subscription fee of $1/month

Score: 3/5

Payment on Dave can be broken down into three categories:

– A $1/month subscription fee

– Loan repayment transaction fees

– Voluntary tips (set to 10% of each cash advance by default)

Paying back loans sometimes incurs transaction fees, it is unclear what exactly these fees are, though they state that they do not profit from them. Finally, you can give Dave a tip if you appreciated their service!

Cute gimmick: for every dollar in tips they receive, they plant a tree- not that that will help you with our overdraft fees.

Approval Process

In some cases, upload your pay stub, and wait 1-2 days

Score: 2/5

The Dave app approval process can be tricky. You must connect your bank account to the app and manually upload a variety of other documentation. Once your bank account is connected, and documentation sent, it often takes several days to be approved. It might not be the app for you if you are in need of an immediate solution.

Apps Like Dave

Due to their advanced predictive features and user-friendly design, they are a leader in overdraft protection apps, however there are similar apps, apps like Dave, on the market.  If Dave doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, or if you had trouble getting approved, you should check out those other options.


The folks at Dave offer peace of mind to hard working Americans living paycheck to paycheck. They understand just how terrible it is to be $50 shy of paying rent, or buying a child’s birthday present. They understand that paying expensive overdraft fees, or relying on payday loans is a not a sustainable option.

Dave is a quality solution for people seeking small loans to avoid harrowing overdraft fees and payday loans.   We think they are doing a fantastic job and recommend you check them out!