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Go2Bank (formerly GoBank) is a mobile bank account with an impressive set of features, including up to $200 in overdraft protection and access to your paycheck two days early. Meet a few simple requirements and its easy to get these benefits and more with no fees. Plus, you can get $50 for opening a new account!

What is the Go2Bank App?

Go2Bank debit card overdrafts
Your Go2Bank debit card gives you access to a host of features, including up to $200 in no-fee overdraft protection

Go2Bank bills itself as “the ultimate mobile bank account” and with a rich set of features that you can qualify for at no fees, it’s certainly not a wild claim!

Go2Bank is amongst the new crop of ‘neobanks’ that give you easy, full-featured access to key banking services right from your phone. The Go2Bank app gives you full access to your account, and is linked to you Go2Bank debit card, making it easy to manage and access your money almost instantly. It’s no wonder that Go2Bank is one of the most popular and highly-rated personal finance apps, with a 4.7 star rating on the App Store and 4.5 on Google Play (both out of 5.0).

Though there are no Go2Bank branches, your account comes with a Visa debit card that you can use to make purchases with nearly any merchant. You can also access cash via thousands of ATMs in the Go2Bank network nationwide, with no fee. Need to make a deposit? You can cash a check at anytime and from anywhere, just by snapping a few photos of it on your phone. And if you need to deposit cash, you can so at nearly 100,000 retail locations, including CVS, Walgreen’s and Walmart stores.

(Go2Bank is the successor to GoBank, which closed all of its accounts in October 2021. Go2Bank is offered by Green Dot and sometimes operates under the names Green Dot Bank, GoBank and Bonneville Bank.)

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How much can you overdraft your Go2Bank debit card?

Go2Bank overdraft limits and fees

Go2Bank gives you access to up to $200 in overdraft protection on debit card purchases, which can come in handy when you’re a little short on cash. There is a $15 overdraft fee on overdrafts over $5, however Go2Bank will waive the fees if you bring your account back to a positive balance within 24 hours of your first overdraft transaction.

Unlike some banks that don’t share your overdraft limits, Go2Bank makes them quite clear to you. Your overdraft coverage is directly tied to your direct deposit history:

  • $10 after your first direct deposit
  • $100 when you make two direct deposits totaling at least $200 over the past 35 days
  • $200 when you make two direct deposits totaling at least $400 over the past 35 days

You’ll be automatically enrolled in the GO2Bank overdraft protection program, with overdraft limits set to match your direct deposit history. Go2Bank overdrafts are available on debit card purchases; ATM withdrawals are not eligible for overdraft.

Get paid early

Go2Bank paycheck advance with direct deposit

Setting up direct deposit with Go2Bank also unlocks the ability access your paycheck before payday! You can tap your next paycheck two days before it arrives, and if you receive government benefits you can access those four days before they are paid out.

This service works in a similar way to the popular payday advance apps like Dave, Earnin and Brigit, but with one big difference. There’s no fee for accessing your paycheck early with Go2Bank and they don’t make that uncomfortable ask for you to ‘tip’ for the service.

In fact, taking a few minutes to set up direct deposit with Go2Bank (it really is that quick and easy!) can unlock hundreds of dollars of savings a year for you. Besides early paycheck access and a 24 hour grace period on your overdrafts, Go2Bank will also waive its $5 monthly fee.

As the old tv commercials used to like to say..But wait, there’s more! Go2Bank also gives you access to DISCOUNTED gift cards from nearly a hundred major retailers, merchants and online services, such as Domino’s, Hulu, Chipotle, and J.C. Penney. You can buy gift cards directly through he Go2Bank app and get a whopping 7% cash back with many of them – share them on a special occasion or use them yourself; either way you get to pocket the savings.

And here’s the big one – know how Amazon never has a storewide sale? Well, with Go2Bank you can buy Amazon cards and get 2% cash back. It’s tough to find that deal anywhere else!

Oh, and before you go, there’s one more really important thing to know…

You can get $50 just for trying out Go2Bank!

Go2Bank $50 signup bonus

That’s right, Go2Bank is offering a $50 sign-up incentive just for trying out a new account.

There’s no big catch here – you won’t even incur any fees if you set up direct deposit on your new account. There are of course a few straightforward terms and conditions though, including:

The full terms and conditions are the Go2Bank website, but that’s the main gist of it. And good news, you don’t need to wait long to receive your $50 Go2Bank sign-up bonus. It’s paid within 48 hours of the qualifying funds being first deposited in your new account.

So what are you waiting for? Go2Bank has a great new banking product with heaps of valuable features that you can access with no fees, and a FREE $50 signup bonus.

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