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30-SECOND SUMMARY: Looking for quick cash to carry you over to the next payday? Brigit makes it easy to top up your bank account with just a few taps. With zero interest or late fees (and no cheeky request for tips), you can enjoy cash advances up to $250 fast cash. 

But how do they justify their steep $8.99/month and $14.99/month subscriptions? And why did the Federal Trade Commission levy a massive fine against the company for deceptive marketing practices?  Read our full Brigit app review to find out.   

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How do Brigit’s cash advances work?

Brigit lives up to its promise to get you cash in minutes. In our real-world tests, it took less than ten minutes from the time we downloaded the app to having cash in our account. However, while you may qualify for a cash advance of up to $2502, it’s tough to do so out of the gate as a new customer. 

In order to apply for a Brigit Instant Cash advance, you need to subscribe to their $8.99/month Plus plan. From there, the app will assess your spending habits and recurring income on your bank account in order to determine whether you can borrow money from them and how much.

As with many other cash advance apps like Brigit, you can get your advance with no fees if you’re willing to wait up to 3 business days. But, if you want your advances to live up to its promise of being delivered in minutes, you’re gonna have to pay an express fee. In this case, the cash advances may take anywhere from a couple of minutes to 20 minutes.

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How do you qualify for a Brigit Cash Advance?

Brigit app for cash advances on a phone screen

Brigit doesn’t perform credit checks. Instead, the app will securely connect to your bank account (via the popular Plaid platform) to analyze your income and spending history. 

While the Brigit boasts an impressive $250 limit for cash advances, some users may not get more than $50 depending on their eligibility, and some may not qualify for an advance at all.

To qualify for an advance, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Your bank account needs to be at least 60 days old.
  • You need to have a positive balance.
  • You’ll need to have at least three recurring deposits from the same source, such as a biweekly direct deposit from your employer.

Brigit will also monitor your bank balance and let you opt-in to receive an automatic advance whenever you’re getting close to zero (provided that you qualify). This can help you save yourself the embarrassment and inconvenience of your debit card not working, while also avoiding costly overdraft fees.

🤓 Overdraft Apps Tip: Need a little more than brigit’s $250 borrowing limit? Check out these alternative $500 instant loan apps instead.

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How are Brigit’s cash advances repaid?

Your repayment will be charged automatically to your bank account when the due date comes. The due date for the repayment is generally set to the estimated date of your next salary payday. 

If the funds in your account are not enough to pay the totality of the debt, Brigit will still take whatever money you have as a partial settlement. Any cash inflow in your account will be taken by Brigit until the debt is fully paid.

The good news is that Brigit doesn’t charge late fees or interest. The app also allows you to request an extension on the payment date as long as you don’t have any pending repayments from previous Brigit debts. Keep in mind that extending the due repayment date may affect your borrowing limit for future advances.

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How much does Brigit cost?

While Brigit offers some free features, you’ll need to subscribe to access Instant Cash advances.  A basic subscription costs $8.99/month – about $108 per year.  

Brigit does not charge interest or late fees, and unlike many other apps, it doesn’t ask for tips.  The only other fee you may need to pay is an express fee to get your advance sent to your bank account within minutes.

Express fees may range from $0.99 to $3.99, depending on the size of your advance. Brigit doesn’t disclose exactly how they calculate the amount that they charge you for each advance. However, if you subscribe to Brigit’s $14.99/month Premium Plan, you’ll get express delivery for free, which could help you save a few bucks if you regularly use Brigit cash advances.  The express fee is optional, but if you don’t select it will take several business days to receive your advance.

Despite a substantial fine from the FTC for deceptive pricing and marketing tactics (more on that in a minute!), we’re surprised that Brigit still doesn’t publish its express fee pricing on its app or website.  We asked Brigit customer service multiple times to explain how the express fee is scheduled, but they would not directly answer the question.   

We like to use a $100 cash advance to benchmark the pricing of apps.  If you assume that you take out one $100 advance per month and pay the $8.99 subscription fee plus a $3.99 express fee, the effective cost of borrowing $100 from Brigit is $12.98.  That is well below the $19.08 average cost we calculated for making a $100 cash advance from other apps like Brigit.

Overdraft Apps Tip: Interested in a FREE Brigit subscription? In its Terms of Service, Brigit states “Users that are eligible for Advances and/or Credit Monitoring may access an Advance and/or Credit Monitoring without paying the Membership Fee. To do so, email [email protected] and state that you would like an Advance and/or Credit Monitoring without subscribing to Brigit Plus.”

Get up to $250 instantly with no credit check >>> Get the Brigit app 👈

These are Brigit’s subscription plans

Brigit app on a phone screen

If you want to try other features in the app, you can also try the free version. Each of Brigit’s plans includes the following features: 

Free Plan

Brigit offers exceptional value even if you don’t pay for a monthly subscription. The Earn and Save feature allows you to grow your savings by making a few extra bucks and helping you find ways to save money. Likewise, its Finance Helper gives you some handy tools to monitor your earnings and spending as a part of it. Simply connect your bank account to Brigit and the app will give you useful insights to stay on top of your finances.

Brigit Plus – $8.99/month

Brigit’s Instacash cash advances are only available from this subscription tier onwards. The Plus plan also lets you access  Credit Monitoring to get real-time updates on your credit score and access to your full credit report.

The paid Brigit Plus also gives you an extra layer of security with a pretty thorough identity protection system that includes lost wallet assistance, identity restoration services, and even $1 million in reimbursements for identity theft.

Brigit Premium  – $14.99/month

The premium version of Brigit includes all of its credit-building features3, such as credit builder loans, and positive reports of your payments to all three major credit bureaus, making it a consistent option for credit building. The best part of this plan is that it lets you access fast cash advances with no turbo delivery fees

Is the Brigit app legit?

Founded in 2017, Brigit has grown to earn the trust of over 4 million users, having raised $115 million in capital and earning the blessing of multiple celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Durant. The app holds an impressive 4.8/5 rating in the Apple Store from 350,000 reviews, making it one of the most popular and highest-rated finance apps you can find.

This, however, hasn’t always been the case, as Brigit’s trust among the public had to be earned back after a history of misleading marketing and sketchy practices that led to a settlement with the FTC in late 2023 that required Brigit to refund a whopping $18 million in fees to customers.

One of the issues that led Brigit to be sanctioned was the lack of transparency regarding the price of the express fees for their cash advances, despite the glaring fact that they used to advertise a “no hidden fees” policy on their website. Although the app advertised instant cash advances, it didn’t disclose the fact that there was an express fee involved for users who wanted their money instantly, and the pricing for this express fee wasn’t clearly stated.

Furthermore, the app didn’t make it clear that subscribing to their Plus and Premium tiers didn’t guarantee that users would even qualify for a cash advance at all, let alone get the $250 dollars advance that they so gleefully advertised.

To add insult to injury, Brigit made it exceptionally hard for users to cancel their subscriptions, resulting in many of them receiving recurring payments for a service they wouldn’t use. The app made them jump through hoops in order to delete their accounts, which is unlawful

These were all issues that we pointed out in our Brigit app video review, and the FTC ended up agreeing with us as they deemed Brigit’s marketing and policies “deceptive and unfair,” forcing them to pay back the money to their users.

Brigit now clearly discloses its subscription prices and makes it evident that most users (especially new ones) won’t qualify for the $250 maximum advance amount.  You can now see if you qualify for an advance before you pay for a subscription. Brigit discloses the express fees that you’ll have to pay when you request a cash advance, though we’re a bit surprised and disappointed that the express fee schedule isn’t listed on the Brigit website, as it is with most other cash advance apps.

Despite everything, Brigit has made big strides on the practices that it was sanctioned for and currently seems to put great effort into staying compliant with regulations.

Overall, is Brigit worth it?

Brigit is a solid financial app that has everything you’d want and a bit more. All with the added benefit of not having to create a dedicated spending or savings account, as other apps like Brigit will have you do. Their cash advances are fast and efficient, and their express fees are very reasonable compared to similar products in the market.

Having changed their ways after getting fined for sketchy marketing practices, we consider Brigit a great app. Be sure to carefully consider the $8.99/month subscription, which doesn’t fare well compared to apps like Dave, which has only a $1/month subscription, let alone apps like Varo and Klover which have no subscriptions at all (although they have higher express fees).

With this said, if you appreciate Brigit’s extensive security features and identity theft protection, the $8.99/month subscription could well be worth it. Plus, if you go the extra mile for that Premium $14.99/month subscription, you’ll have access to some robust credit-building tools and you won’t have to pay express fees, which could make the subscription worth it if you make frequent cash advances.


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  2. ]Not all members will qualify for advances; Depending on eligibility, advances range from $50 – $250. Subject to Brigit’s approval and policies. Instant Cash is not available in all states
  3. Impact to score may vary. Some users’ scores may not improve. Results will depend on many factors, including on-time payment history, the status of non-Brigit accounts, and financial history. Results show that customers with a starting credit score of 600 or below were more likely to see positive score change results. A Brigit subscription is required. Credit Builder loans are not available in all states.

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