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30-SECOND SUMMARY: Instacart pays shoppers on Wednesday via direct deposit for the previous Monday through Sunday. With a fixed payment schedule, it’s easy to end up without cash, while payday is still a couple of days away. Read on for 4 apps tailor-made for Instacart shoppers and drivers. If you’re looking for a high borrowing limit and a low (like, seriously low) monthly fee, consider an app like Dave to borrow up to $500 immediately. 

Need $500? See How Dave Works

Instacart Shopper

PICTURE THIS: You’ve just completed a grueling day of fulfilling orders and delivering groceries to hungry, hungry customers. You’re keen to grab a bite to eat with friends, but your bank balance has hit $0. 

Instead of getting a stress headache or canceling your plans, what if you had access to a ready-made money-borrowing solution at your fingertips? 

Enter the world of cash advance apps for Instacart drivers.

In this guide, we’ll break down 4 of the best cash advance apps we’ve personally downloaded and tried. Each app caters to Instacart drivers (as well as other gig workers), so you’re not punished for having fluctuating income or multiple income streams. We’ll also touch on larger business advances, such as Giggle Finance and Moves Financial, that can lend you up to $10,000…but at a very steep price.

Let’s get right into it.

Why cash advances are perfect for Instacart shoppers

The right sash advance app can be a lifesaver if you’re an Instacart driver who needs a little extra cash before payday.

The key is to find an app that’s tailored made for your side hustle, explains Brian Meiggs, Founder of My Millennial Guide. He says:

“Use apps that sync with your gig platforms. Many gig workers rely on specific platforms for their income, such as ridesharing, delivery services, or freelance marketplaces. Consider using cash advance apps that integrate with these platforms, allowing for seamless verification of your income and transaction history. This can simplify the application process and increase your chances of approval.”

Since Instacart drivers are typically paid via direct deposit on a weekly basis, you might run into unexpected expenses or emergencies that require immediate cash. When these problems pop up, cash advance apps for Instacart drivers can provide a short-term solution to help cover your expenses.

Whether you need to fill up on gas, pay for car maintenance, or cover bills unrelated to your Instacart gig, the best cash advances can top up your checking account in a few clicks.

🤓 Overdraft Apps Tip: Some Instacart drivers may be eligible for Instant Cash Outs. You’ll need to have completed at least 5 lifetime orders with Instacart, have a minimum of $5 in earnings, and have a debit card that supports instant payments.

What app will give me $50 instantly?

Looking for a little extra cash to cover you until your next Instacart payment drops? 

Check out the following popular apps that consider income from multiple sources and are tailored for gig workers.

#1 – Brigit: Enjoy cash advances of up to $250, with an instant transfer feature to receive your funds ASAP. You’ll need to become a paying user, which will set you back $9.99/month. This is less than the average overdraft fee of $39. The monthly cost can outweigh any other late fee or dishonor payment you’ll be avoiding. | Explore Brigit

#2 – Dave: Manage your expenses with the added benefit of Dave’s cash advances. Your interest-free cash advance is up to $500 even if you’re a new user (which blows other new user cash advance limits out of the water). | Explore Dave

#3 – Earnin: Access your earned wages before payday. Earnin’s “Cash Out” feature allows you to withdraw up to $100 per day and up to $1,000 per pay period, depending on the hours you’ve worked. | Explore Earnin

🤓 Overdraft Apps Tip: Many cash advance apps for Instacart drivers don’t require a credit check or long application process. This can be particularly helpful if you’ve got a limited credit history or need funds quickly without going through a snooze-inducing approval process. Compare more options for borrowing $50 💰

Which apps give Instacart drivers an instant cash advance?

#1 – Dave: Up to $500 available (immediately) for Instacart drivers

Dave is our top recommendation for Instacart drivers and shoppers in need of quick funds.

With over 11 million users, Dave has established itself as a pioneer in the industry, offering a generous cash advance of up to $500 without any interest charges or credit checks.


With $500 available right away there’s no need to wait weeks (or months) to build up your borrowing limit. This can be a priceless advantage when you’re a gig worker and facing an unexpected cash shortfall.

You’ve got a few options when it comes to accessing your cash:

  1. Dave Spending account: Express fees range from $1.99 to $9.99, depending on the size of your advance with your money available in seconds.
  2. External debit card: Money can be sent to your card within an hour with fees ranging from $2.99 to $13.99.
  3. External bank account: Wait a little longer (up to 3 days) and receive your funds via bank transfer with no fee.

✅ Get a cash advance for up to $500 instantly >>> Check out Dave 

phone screen showing $500 cash advance from Dave ExtraCash

#2 – MoneyLion: Enjoy Instacash advances up to $250 for Instacart drivers

MoneyLion offers a convenient solution for freelancers, gig workers and Instacart drivers with access to borrowing, saving, investing, and earning opportunities.

After testing out the app, we found Instacash to be the stand-out feature. With Instacash you can access cash advances of up to $250 without any interest charges or credit checks.3 For drivers with fluctuations in their weekly earnings, this is a huge plus

MoneyLion’s initial cash advance limit starts at $25, which is lower compared to Dave’s eye-popping $500 initial limit. But MoneyLion provides the option to increase your borrowing limit up to $250 if you have recurring deposits. It takes approximately 3 to 8 weeks to become eligible for the maximum Instacash amount. Still, a quick $25 can be a lifesaver.

✅ Get cash advances up to $250 with no interest >>> Check out MoneyLion

borrow $250 from MoneyLion on phone screen

#3 – Brigit: Up to $250 cash advances tailored to your financial situation

Brigit lands on our list of cash advance apps for Instacart drivers with interest-free cash withdrawals ranging from $50 to $250 per pay period.4 

Your borrowing limit is tailored to your specific financial circumstances, which helps you work towards responsible borrowing practices.

You’ll need to pay a $9.99 monthly fee to access Brigit’s cash advances. This is a step up from Dave’s $1/month membership. But if you’re facing overdraft fees or late payments on your bills, roughly ten bucks a month can still be a net positive in the long run.

If you’re on the fence about paying $9.99 a month (we don’t blame you), it helps to know Brigit’s borrowing limit of $250 is among the highest available on the list of cash advance apps for Instacart shoppers and drivers.

✅ Access up to $250 in fee-free overdrafts >>> Explore Brigit Now

Brigit app for cash advances on a phone screen

#4 – PockBox: Borrow up to $2,500 without stressing about your credit score

Cash advance apps can cover *most* emergencies… but not all. 

Fingers crossed you don’t need more than Dave’s $500 borrowing limit. But if you’re involved in an accident on the road, your car needs servicing, or you simply need funds to cover life’s expenses, PockBox can help.

PockBox can help you borrow up to $2,500 (and as high as $20,000 in some cases!). By asking just a few simple questions, PockBox streamlines the often confusing process of determining where to apply for a loan. With access to loan quotes from up to 50 different lenders, you can conveniently compare your options from the comfort of your own couch.

With a mission to assist one million Americans in accessing the credit they need, PockBox can connect you with lenders who specialize in supporting borrowers with poor credit scores.

As an alternative to smaller gig cash advance apps, PockBox provides a solution for obtaining fast, unsecured funding when you find yourself in urgent need. There’s no obligation to choose a lender. So you can explore available options at no cost or impact on your credit score.

✅ Quickly Compare Loan Offers Up to $2,500 >>> Browse Pockbox For Free 

PockBox App on smartphone

#5 – Moves Financial: Loans designed for Instacart Shoppers

Moves Financial is designed for gig workers, including Instacart Shoppers. Borrow up to $2,000 without a credit check. While there’s no interest or late fees, the borrowing cost can be high and isn’t always transparent.

To get a Moves Financial cash advance, download the app and connect your Instacart account. Your advance limit is based on your Instacart earnings. Repayment is automated, taking a percentage from your gig deposit, starting at 10%. Only one advance is allowed at a time.

These advances are business loans, so rates and fees might not be as clear as regular loans. For instance, a $1,000 advance has a $150 service fee, meaning you pay back $1,150. Transferring funds from Moves to another bank incurs a 1.75% fee. Always understand the full costs before borrowing.

See our Moves Financial review for more info.

Moves Financial cash advance feature displayed on a phone screen

Not an Instacart Driver? Try These Cash Advance Apps for Side Hustlers

WAIT! Why borrow quick cash when you can earn it?!

Cash advance apps can be a great tool for getting a little extra cash when you need it, but you’ll need to repay it – plus fees – wihtin a week or two. Did you know there’s an easy way to earn extra cash that’s yours to keep?

KashKick is a wildly popular service that lets you earn money for playing games, completing surveys, signing up for trial offers and more. (You’ll even earn cash for just completing your profile!) You can earn cash today and withdraw your earnings through PayPal once you’ve reached $10. You can earn over $100/month with KashKick – and you don’t need to spend a dime or take out your credit card to do it.

There are dozens of high-paying offers available on KashKick, and if you’re into playing new games on your phone, you can earn some serious cash for doing what you love. Though offers change regularly, there are currently1 more than three dozen offers available where you can earn cash – sometimes over $100 – just by downloading and playing popular games like Coin Master, Monoply Go, Bingo Blitz, and more. These games are all free to download, and no in-app purchases are required to earn with KashKick.

Get paid to play on your phone >>> Check out KashKick

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  1. As of February 13, 2024. Offers may change and may not be available to all users. Eligibity requirements apply. See KashKick's Terms of Service for full details.
  2. Designed by Dave, not a bank. Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC, holds all deposits and issues the Dave Debit Card, pursuant to a license from Mastercard®. The ExtraCash™ account is open to new members only. ExtraCash™ is a DDA account with overdraft utility, advances are subject to eligibility requirements. Taking an ExtraCash™ advance will make your account balance negative. Express delivery fees apply to instant transfers. See the Extra Cash Account Agreement for more details.
  3. Instacash is an optional service offered by MoneyLion. Your available Instacash Advance limit will be displayed to you in the MoneyLion mobile app and may change from time to time. Your limit will be based on your direct deposits, account transaction history, and other factors as determined by MoneyLion. See Membership Agreement and for additional terms, conditions and eligibility requirements.
  4. Subject to Brigit’s approval and policies.

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