Earnin app, formerly known as ActiveHours, helps you avoid overdraft fees by giving you early access to your paychecks directly from your smartphone (iOS or Android).  Large corporates like Walmart and Home Depot leverage the app to help their employees manage their personal finances.Earnin doesn’t charge you any fees, but it does encourage you to leave a tip.To set up an account you  have to  give the app access to your checking account (and all your transaction data). It may take up to several days for your account to be verified.Before you decide using Earnin, we do recommend to spend a few minutes looking at other apps like Earnin. Some of them, providing more money more quickly, could provide a better solution to your problems.

  • Early paycheck request
  • Advance of up to $500
  • Available to people working with specific employers

Editor's Score: Not Bad! 4/5

Earnin customer journey

First, you have to connect your bank account with Earnin. Then, after uploading a picture of your timesheet to the Earnin platform (previously ActiveHours) the app will check your eligibility.

Earnin will front you the money you need, and will automatically withdraw the amount they lent you from your account once you receive your paycheck.

Because they withdraw funds directly from your bank account,  you will need to connect the app to your account.

Though they do not self-identify as an overdraft app, we consider them one because their services help prevent users from receiving overdraft fees due to insufficient funds.

If you have any questions or concerns, and need help from Earnin you can contact their customer service staff (available during PST business hours).

Loan Amounts

Up to $500

Score: 4.5/5

Initially,  you will be able withdraw up to $100 per day in cash advance. After using the service for a while, and proving that you are “safe” (meaning not a fraud), you will be able to withdraw up to $500 per day in cash in advance of your paycheck.

The amount that you can receive also corresponds to your wages and the numbers of hours you work. The app is careful not to lend you more than you can afford to pay back!


Voluntary Tips

Score: 5/5

Earnin doesn’t charge any interest or fee for their service but rather, they ask for a tip. Be sure to leave an appropriately sized tip as a thank you! Earnin prides itself on being a better alternative to payday loans, which is often referred to be a predatory business. The app saves you from expensive overdraft fees (banks make $35 billions per year on these fees). They take pride in their mission to help customers live a healthier and more balanced financial life.

Approval Process

Upload your pay stub and wait 1-2 days

Score: 2/5

Compared to other apps the approval process can be difficult.  You will need to take a picture of your timesheet or paystub and upload the picture. Earnin staff might manually review your application. If it all looks up to snuff,  you will be able to receive cash advances within a few of days*!

*Earnin claims that they can approve people in minutes, but some reports show it can take up to 2 days.

Apps like Earnin

Earnin proposes a great solution for your cash flow problems but you should definitely check out similar solutions as other apps like Earnin are now on the market.

How does Earnin work

The Earnin app operates in 50 states nationwide and has received thousands of downloads so far in the App Store and on Google Play. Earnin is ideally suited to people who sometimes find themselves in a tight spot with money in between paydays, who want to manage their cash flow a little better.

Here’s an example of how the app can help you do this. Let’s say you have a big bill that needs paying, but you’ve run out of money before your regular payday. With Earnin, you can effectively access your wages early, releasing enough cash to get your bill paid on time.

One handy app feature to know about if you’re worried about overdrafting is called “Balance Shield”. Once enabled, Earnin will automatically send $100 from your paycheck to your bank account, whenever your balance falls below $100.

Earnin is particularly useful for those who work on demand, for example, Uber or Doordash drivers. The app’s technology logs when you’re at work and how many hours you’ve clocked up. When you’ve cashed out early, you’ll pay the same amount back to Earnin on the day that you get paid by your employer. Earnin deducts the money they’ve advanced you automatically.

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Earnin app reviews

Earnin boasts some pretty decent scores as an app, with 4.5 / 5 on Google Play and an even more impressive 4.7 / 5 in the App Store. Generally, users praise the app, with several reviewers reporting that Earnin has been a lifesaver, helping to ease financial pressures by allowing them to access their earnings when they need them.

The fact that Earnin is free to use is another plus that gets mentioned frequently in online reviews. Users seem to have no qualms about the voluntary tipping aspect of the app since they can choose to tip whatever they think is fair.

If you’re in a pinch and simply can’t afford to tip, that’s ok – the team behind Earnin appreciates this. They just ask that when things are going your way financially, you consider tipping. A reasonable request, all in all!

One thing to bear in mind with Earnin is that it should really only be used sparingly. Relying on accessing your wages early all the time could leave you in a situation where you never have enough money on your regular payday. Plus, you could end up spending a small fortune in tips if you use the app too often!

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Earnin app is a quality solution to help you manage your cashflow. Their service can easily replace payday loans and help you avoid overdraft fees (by mistake or on purpose). Indeed, for those of you who are looking to overdraft a debit card on purpose – Earnin could be an ideal solution. The drawbacks: their relatively low limits for advance payment mean that they may not be able to provide the complete short-term loan solution you need. However, the absence of any service or interest fees makes the app highly accessible, and their regulatory system helps you avoid debt.  You can download it here for your iPhone or your Android phone.