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It’s no surprise that Earnin is one of the most popular paycheck advance apps – it can help you get the cash need in minutes with no interest and no fees.

How does Earnin work?

Earnin gives you early access to part of your paycheck. You can get up to $100 per day sent instantly to your bank account, up to $500 per pay period. (And with Earnin’s Max feature, you can even occasionally access an extra $50.)

Earnin not only gives fast access to cash, it does it at a price that’s tough to beat. There is no interest charge and no fees. You can access extra cash when you need it at absolutely no cost, which nearly goes without saying is a much better deal than pricey overdraft fees or payday loans. (Earnin does ask you to consider making an optional ‘tip’, which we’ll discuss below.)

Your advance is paid back automatically when your next paycheck arrives, so you don’t need to remember to make any payments or risk a late fee. Best of all, with your advance paid back you can once again get early access to up to $500 per pay period!

Earnin has a few key advantages over other cash advance apps:

  • Earnin works with your existing bank account – you don’t need to move your direct deposit or change any online bill payments.
  • You can get cash out through Earnin whenever you have qualifying wages, and multiple times per pay period. Many other apps only give you access to your cash two business days before payday.
  • Your money is sent directly to your bank account, so you can use it for whatever you want – debit card purchases, ATM withdrawals or to cover upcoming checks or bill payments. Some other services only cover debit card purchases.
  • Zero fees. While Earnin asks for an optional tip, you can choose to pay nothing and it won’t impact your ability to cash out.

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Does Earnin work with DoorDash, Uber of Lyft?

Whether you have a full time or part time job, or do gig work with DoorDash, Uber, Lyft, Instacart, or others, Earnin makes it easy to get paid early.

Download the free Earnin app to get started. Registration is fast and simple, including connecting Earnin to your bank account.

When you want to get early access to your paycheck, you’ll also provide some information on your employer and next paycheck. If you’re a full or part time employee, you can often provide this information via Earnin’s “automagically” feature, which will automatically track your hours and calculate how much cash you can access.

If you’re a gig worker for Uber, GrubHub, DoorDash, Instacart, Shyp, Handy, Doorman, Wag!, Caviar, Shipt, Delivery Dudes, or Waitr then the automagically feature isn’t available. However, it’s still quite easy to provide your work information to Earnin by uploading your timesheet. Earnin usually processes timesheets in about ten minutes, and you can access your funds as soon as that’s completed.

When you need to access some extra cash, select the amount that you need and Earnin will move the money to your linked bank account, often within just a few moments! You can access up to $100 per day and $500 per pay period, though it is important to note that your cash advance is limited by how you’ve earned towards your next paycheck.

Additionally, new Earnin users are capped at a $100 advance until you’ve established a track record of repaying your advances, maintaining a positive bank balance, and other factors. On the plus side, you can generally access that first $100 as soon as you sign up, and can also use Earnin’s Max Boost feature to get an extra $50 when you need it. (If you’re looking for apps that may be able to provide more cash, check out our reviews of apps like Earnin.)

Earnin has also debuted a new feature called Earnin Express, which offers the ability to access up to $1,000 per pay period (up to a max of 80% of your next paycheck) if you route your paycheck directly through Earnin.

How soon can you use the Earnin app to get cash?

Download the Earnin app and you can create an account in just minutes. You’ll need to link Earnin to your bank account and verify it. With that, you’re ready to go and can immediately access up to $100 through Earnin, provided you’ve accumulated that in unpaid wages with your employer or gig work.

One of the key advantages of Earnin is that your money is sent to directly your bank account, often within minutes. So you can use it for whatever you want – make a debit card purchase, get cash from an ATM, or know that a bill payment will go out on time.

How much should you tip Earnin?

Earnin doesn’t charge any interest or fees for their service but rather, they ask for a tip whenever you use the cash out feature. The tip is completely optional, and the amount of your tip doesn’t impact how much you can access through future cash out transactions. So if you are short on cash or don’t think the value is there for you, you can access cash absolutely free without leaving a tip.

However, the app can save you from declined debit card transactions, expensive overdraft fees (banks make $35 billions per year on these fees) or costly payday loans, so a small tip does help Earnin offer its services to you and others.

When deciding how much to tip, don’t think of it like a restaurant meal, as you’ll spend way too much. If you get a $100 cash out advance for one week and tip $10, that may seem like a straightforward 10% tip. However, if you look at this on an annual percentage rate basis (such as how your credit card presents interest costs), this $10 tip turns into a sky-high 365% APR!

Thus, tipping just a few dollars is perfectly fine if you choose to tip at all. A 2% – 5% tip is more than sufficient.

For other cash advance apps that work with tips instead of fees, be sure to check out Moneylion.)

Earnin proposes a great solution for your cash flow problems but you should definitely check out similar solutions as other apps like Earnin are now on the market.

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Earnin app is a quality solution to help you manage your cashflow. Their service can easily replace payday loans and help you avoid overdraft fees (by mistake or on purpose). Indeed, for those of you who are looking to overdraft a debit card on purpose – Earnin could be an ideal solution. The drawbacks: their relatively low limits for advance payment mean that they may not be able to provide the complete short-term loan solution you need. However, the absence of any service or interest fees makes the app highly accessible, and their regulatory system helps you avoid debt.  

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