Apps like Earnin

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Are you looking for more apps like Earnin to help you avoid overdraft fees or just get a cash advance? We made this list of overdraft apps that can let you make an early paycheck request and get paid or receive cash before your next paycheck.You might have used or wanted to use Earnin (formerly known as ActiveHours), an app available on iOS and Android, because you were looking for a way to get paid early and survive until the end of the month.  For those of you who don’t know, Earnin is an early paycheck request app. Luckily, there other apps like Earnin that can help you get cash advances and avoid overdraft fees. Here is a quick review of the different options that you have:

While Earnin is great if you are employed with a stable income, it isn’t be as flexible as the PockBox app. doesn’t require you to connect your bank account and will let you borrow up to $2,500 (and as low as $100) after an approval process of a few minutes (compared to a few days for Earnin).

PockBox will ask you a bunch of questions in order to get your loan approved, which you will get into your bank account the next business day. Make sure the read the fine prints as PockBox is more expensive than Earnin when it comes to APR. You can start the process here.

Pockbox app

Dave offers cash advances of up to $75.  After you sign-up, they will ask you some basic questions and connect to your bank account. It is not uncommon be asked to provide additional verification information. After getting approved, you can request money as many times as you wish. The Dave app charges a $1/ month subscription fee and in some instances transaction fees (up to $5 for a loan of $75) but it might be worth it if you get the dave app $75 advance. approval 

Dave app logo
Dave Overdraft App

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LoanSolo App

Earnin is a good solution if you need a early paycheck but it doesn’t give you extra cash – just an advance on your paycheck. That’s when LoanSolo comes in handy. It can lend you as low as a $100 and up to $1,000! It takes only a few minutes to go through the whole process (compared to a few days with Earnin).

LoanSolo will ask you a bunch of questions in order to get your loan approved, which you will get into your bank account the next business day. Make sure the read the fine prints of the terms (like the APR). You can start the process here.
LoanSolo App

MoneyLion App

MoneyLion is an amazing app that does much more than giving you money! The app will help you manage your budget, monitor and increase your credit score and just give you general financial advices.

When it comes to borrowing money, it’s much more flexible than Earnin. If you sign up to MoneyLion Plus (which costs $0 if you log into the app everyday), you can get unlimited loans for up to $500 for a 6% APR! I don’t think you will be able to find much better, anywhere.

MoneyLion App

In this article, we reviewed three Earnin alternatives. Other apps such as the Even app also exists. We hope this review helps you find the right app and will help you save money by avoiding overdrafts and NSF.

Apps like Earnin
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Apps like Earnin
Review of apps like Earnin that will help you manage your expenses better and avoid overdraft fees.
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