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Even helps you manage your finances, and can also serve as an overdraft app. Like Earnin (formely known as Activehours), Even has to work with your employer in order for you to be able to receive advances on your paycheck. Even also provides a user friendly  place to keep track of all your finances. They utilize some pretty high tech machine-learning to analyze your financial history and activities. Here are the 4 things you should know about Even before using it:

  • Early paycheck request
  • Advance of few hundreds $
  • Available to people working with specific employers

Editor’s Score:You probably can’t use it! (2/5)

How It Works

Signing up to Even is simple. After downloading the app (iOS or Android) and creating account, all you have to do is enter entering your banking credentials and you are all set.  The app has two main features, an automatic money management feature, and a preventative cash infusion feature. The preventative cash infusion feature, which helps users avoid overdraft fees and payday loans, is unfortunately only available to a select number of employers.  While we think Even is a great app, most of you will most likely be better served by Earnin, which works with more employers.

Loan Amounts

Few hundreds of $

Score: 3.5/5

Even uses machine learning algorithms to determine the size of cash advance you are able to receive from the app.  Based on your salary, and hours worked they will lend you an amount they feel you can comfortably pay back.


Monthly subscription fee of $3 or $6/month

Score: 2/5

Even has two subscription packages:

–       For $3/month you receive the basic subscription package which gives you access to the financial planning feature.

–       The Plus subscription package includes both the financial planning feature and the Instapay service and will cost you $6/month.

While $6/ month, or $72/ year, is likely less than you will spend on overdraft fees, other apps offers similar overdraft protection for free. Therefore, if you are less interested in the financial planning feature, we recommend you look at our Earnin page.

Approval Process

Upload pay stub and 1-2 days wait

Score: 2/5

While both Even packages are available to everyone, the Instapay feature (part of the plus package), which helps users avoid overdraft fees, is only available to those working for a limited number of employers that work directly with the app. Even does mention (on their website) that the Instapay service will be available to everyone at some point. We look forward to seeing how they make it universally available


Even is a well-designed, and cutting edge financial management solution. Their solution, however, is not focused on overdraft, and is quite pricey compared to other apps that we have reviewed like the Dave app or Earnin app. Furthermore, because they only work with select employers, their overdraft protection feature is not available to everyone. Until Even’s overdraft feature becomes available to all, we think that other apps are better suited to those of you specifically looking for an overdraft solution. For those of you looking for a full set of financial management tools, we highly recommend this app!

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