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Did you try out the Dave app because you were looking for cash advance apps? Are you wondering if there are other apps like Dave because 1) you were not happy with their app or 2) you are looking for more money than the $75 they currently offer? 

Well, you came to the right place! In this article, we will give you an overview of the different alternatives that you have.

Disclaimer: if you find yourself having an overdrawn bank account too often, you should consider asking your bank to waive your overdraft fees.

If you are looking for more money than the $75 that Dave can provide, the app can be a good solution for. It allows you to get a personal loan as soon as tomorrow for up to $2,500 (and as low as $100). The whole process is online and quite sleek (they do ask a bunch of questions but it similar to everyone in this industry).

Of course, pay attention to all the details regarding the cost and APR before you get that cash advance. Click here to check it out.

PockBox App

LoanSolo App

If $75 is not enough, LoanSolo app can be a great solution for. It’s the perfect lender if you’re looking for $100-$1,000 delivered to you quickly. It’s online, fast and straightforward.

Of course, pay attention to all the details regarding the cost and APR before you get that cash advance. Click here to check it out.

LoanSolo App
Earnin (also known as ActiveHours)  helps employees to receive parts of their paycheck before payday. Basically, it allows you to get paid multiple times throughout the course of a month based on your timesheet at work. Once you are deemed a “trustworthy borrower”, Earnin is able to give cash advances of up to $500! Once you are approved by the app (process usually takes about 2 days), you can start getting cash immediately… free of charge! Download it here for your iPhone or Android phone.
earnin overdraft app
Earnin App

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MoneyLion App

While Dave can give you cash advances of up to $75, MoneyLion (Plus version) can offer you up to $500! How much does it cost? The Plus version is free if you log in into the app everyday. The loan has a 6% APR, which is ridiculously low. Whenever you repay a loan, you will be able to take another one – yes, it’s unlimited.

The MoneyLion app also offers many more personal finance services. It will automatically help you increase your credit score and monitor your bank account for weird activities.

moneylion plus review overdraft apps
MoneyLion App

In this article, we reviewed three alternative cash advance apps like Dave.  Keep in mind that anything you borrow, you must pay back. We know that sometimes, you need a loan now with bad credit and that your banks might not allow you to get one because of that bad credit score. Don’t forget that the best way to avoid overdraft fees is to keep  track your expenses, plan your budget wisely and, avoid getting into debt altogether.

Apps like Dave
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Apps like Dave
Review of 3 apps like Dave that will help you avoid overdraft fees
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