Did you try LendUp because you were looking for a payday lender? Were you unhappy with their service and want more information on alternatives loans like LendUp? Maybe you feel like they are too expensive (we agree!)? If yes, read the following article!

PockBox.com App

PockBox could serve as a great alternative to the LendUp app. Similary to LendUp, PockBox allows you to borrow as low as $100 but up to $2,500 (compared to $1,000 for LendUp). The process is quite similar: a lot of questions (that shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes) and you are good to go!

Read the terms and conditions before you take a loan (that’s true for every lender out there) so you know what you are in for. Start the approval application here.

Earnin App

Earnin (also known as ActiveHours) works with many large employers to help employees receive parts of their paycheck before payday. If you work with one of their many employer partners you can get paid multiple times throughout the course of a month based on your timesheet at work. Once you are deemed a “trustworthy“ borrower, Earnin is able to give cash advances of up to $500!Once you are approved by the app (process usually takes about 2 days), you can start getting cash immediately… free of charge! Get it here for iOS or Android.

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Dave App

Dave offers cash advances of up to $75.  After you sign-up, they will ask you some basic questions and connect to your bank account. It is not uncommon be asked to provide additional verification information. After getting approved, you can request money as many times as you wish. Dave charges a $1/ month subscription fee and in some instances transaction fees (up to $5 for a loan of $75).

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HonestLoans App

HonestLoans is a great alternative to LendUp. After asking you questions and gathering some background information about you, it will let you know the best lender for the amount of money (between $100-$2,500) you need.The process takes only a few minutes. The only thing you need to make sure is to read the terms and conditions of the loan you’re taking. You can check out their website here.

In this article, we reviewed apps that can provide you with alternatives to apps like LendUp. We hope that this review of different overdraft and personal loan apps will help you choose the best options for you.