How Can I Get a Capital One Cash Advance? Withdrawing Money is Easy (But Expensive)

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A Capital One cash advance might be useful in an emergency, but the high interest rates (with no grace period) and fees mean there are probably cheaper ways to access quick cash. Read on for fees, limits and money-saving tips.

What is a Capital One cash advance?

Most Capital One credit cards offer cash advances at ATMs and bank branches.

That means you can use your credit card to withdraw cash even if your checking account is empty – but there are downsides that come with this convenience. 

With each cash advance, Capital One will charge you a front-end fee, or service charge. This is applied to your account the day of your cash withdrawal.  

On top of transaction fees, Capital One’s cash advances include a higher APR than a regular credit card purchase and interest begins to accrue immediately. The popular Capital One Quicksilver rewards card has a sky-high cash advance interest rate of 29.99% APR.

Plus, Capital One will charge you a 5% cash advance fee (with a $5 minimum) – and you may even accrue interest on the fee as well. Sheesh!

Since the fees can be costly, it’s worth thinking whether you absolutely need cash or can make a card purchase instead.  

Or, check out some of the popular cash advance apps that charge zero interest and late fees.  For example, borrowing $100 from the Dave app could cost you just $4!

🤓Overdraft Apps Tip: You don’t need to use a Capital One ATM to withdraw cash. There are over 70,000 fee-free Capital One ATMs nationwide. ATMs that aren’t in the Capital One or AllPoint networks may charge an additional fee.
Card NameUpfront Cash Advance FeeCash Advance APR (Variable)
Platinum Mastercard®$5 or 5%30.74%
Platinum Secured$5 or 5%30.74%
Quicksilver Rewards for Students$5 or 5%29.99%
Quicksilver Rewards$5 or 5%29.99%
QuicksilverOne Rewards$5 or 5%30.74%
Quicksilver Rewards for Good Credit$5 or 5%30.74%
Quicksilver Secured Rewards$5 or 5%30.74%
Savor Rewards$5 or 5%29.99%
SavorOne Rewards$5 or 5%29.99%
SavorOne Rewards for Good Credit$5 or 5%30.74%
SavorOne Rewards for Students$5 or 5%29.99%
Venture X Rewards$5 or 5%29.99%
Venture Rewards$5 or 5%29.99%
VentureOne Rewards$5 or 5%29.99%
VentureOne Rewards for Good Credit$5 or 5%30.74%
Capital One Walmart Rewards® Mastercard®$5 or 5%29.99%
Pottery Barn Key Rewards Visa, Williams Sonoma Key Rewards Visa, West Elm Key Rewards Visa, Key Rewards Visa$5 or 5%30.24%
Spark 1.5% Cash Select – Excellent Credit$5 or 5%32.24%
Spark 1.5% Cash Select – Good Credit$5 or 5%32.24%
Spark Classic$5 or 5%30.74%
Spark 2X Miles$5 or 5%32.24%
Spark 1.5X Miles Select$5 or 5%32.24%
Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s CLUB Business Mastercard®$5 or 5%32.24%
Cabela’s CLUB® Card$5 or 5%32.24%
Bass Pro Shops® CLUB Card$5 or 5%32.24%
REI Co-op® Mastercard®$5 or 5%30.24%

How much can I withdraw from a Capital One ATM?

A Capital One cash advance at the ATM will usually be less than your available credit limit.

To find out how much you can withdraw, check your most recent credit card statement and look for the amount labeled as ‘Available Credit For Cash Advances’. 

You can also log into your Capital One account, select the credit card you’d like to use, then select View Details.

You’ll need a sufficient credit line available to withdraw cash. For example, if you’ve used all of your available credit on card purchases, you won’t be able to take a cash advance, even if you haven’t exhausted all of your cash advance line.

Some ATMs may also have additional limitations. These are mostly daily limits, so you may be able to withdraw more cash once your daily ATM limit resets.

Make sure you know your pin number to avoid an awkward wait at the ATM. If you’ve forgotten your PIN (or need to change it from something easy to guess, like ‘1234’) you can log into your account and change it online. 

If you’re a little old school and like human interaction, you can call 1-800-227-4825 to speak to a customer service rep.

🤓Overdraft Apps Tip: Forgot your PIN number? You can request a cash advance inside a bank lobby displaying the Visa or MasterCard credit card logo. You’ll need to provide a Government-issued photo ID like a driver’s license along with your Capital One credit card.

Capital One cash advance alternatives

If you need money right now and you’ve got a Capital One credit card in your wallet, you’ll probably be able to borrow against your credit limit.

But, since this is a short-term loan from your credit card, the cash advance interest and fees are expensive.

If you want to pay less (significantly less!) you might be better off borrowing from a cash advance app instead.

Check out our top cash advance app resources to learn more:

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